Renew Weekend at The Hills Church

We are blessed to be a part of Renew Weekend at The Hills Church in North Richland Hills, Texas. Melinda and I have been members of The Hills since 1985 and we love our church.

Renew Weekend is a partnership with God to restore all things. The troubled will fine peace. The trafficked will find freedom. The poor will be viewed as valuable. The orphans and displaced will find families. And the unborn will experience life.


We know there are many great ministries associated with Renew Weekend. As you prayerfully consider how God will use you and your family, we wanted to point how you can give financially and to serve to help Our Father’s Children. Here are some opportunities:

  • Serve – We have many ways to serve including volunteering as counselors, helping with our mentoring program and being a part of the staff at one of our week-long camps or retreats.

How will you participate in Renew Weekend? Consider giving and serving to change lives and provide hope to these children.

Darren Edwards
Executive Director

p.s. Watch these videos below to learn more about what OFC is all about and how we provide HOPE to children of abuse and neglect in North Texas.