RISE is a weekend-long retreat offered for teen boys and teen girls, ages 12-18. It is becoming a favorite retreat among the kids.

Launched in 2021, RISE was a dream of the OFC staff after experiencing an all-girls retreat in 2012 when a scheduling conflict allowed just 1 teen boy to sign up. He opted to stay home, and so did our Executive Director, Darren Edwards! The weekend experience with the teen girls (and all-female volunteers) was incredible, and our vision was born.

OFC will continue to use a 2:1 teen to counselor ratio at RISE, and the curriculum and activities are designed to help teens build self-esteem and navigate gender-specific issues. The 2:1 ratio enables some measure of mentoring while going through the various sessions and activities of the retreats. Activities include hiking, fishing, crafts, praise time, and various games. Free time is also built into all retreats, enhancing the communication between counselors and the teens.

Our goal is to break down barriers and open conversation, so creating opportunities for this to happen is key.