Recently, we had the pleasure and opportunity to be featured in a local TV program. The Dallas/Fort Worth television station of CBS 11/TXA 21 has a program called “Plugged in to DFW” and it features local organizations in the DFW area. The host is former CBS 11 television anchor, Karen Borta.

We gathered staff and volunteers to talk about the ministry in 4 primary areas:

  1. The history of OFC
  2. The 3 programs of RFKC/mentoring, Onward & Upward and Summit
  3. Volunteering with OFC
  4. How to get involved with giving, volunteering and prayer

We featured Darren, Melinda and Danielle as members of the OFC staff. We also asked some volunteers to join us that day as well. A big thanks to Rick Trujillo, Becki Brandenberg, and Harry & Michell Hall. They all did a wonderful job talking about the OFC ministry. Watch all four segments below.

If you have trouble viewing these segments on our website, click here to view them on the TXA 21 website.