OFC Christmas in July

Ever pour yourself into something or someone, knowing you may never see the results of your efforts? Each of us who support and toil at RFKC understand the measure of our impact may not be realized in this lifetime. Heaven could be one eye-popping surprise after another – like opening gifts on Christmas morning.

Christmas came in July this year. Our gracious God peeled back the wrapping on a couple of “presents” – Sha’Niya and Mikea, two of our teen helpers. With tears in her eyes, Aunt Laurie talked about her ride to camp with these two young ladies. Why the emotions? Sha’Niya and Mikea were campers for five summers. Now, six years later, they’re incredibly enthusiastic about helping other foster children discover family in Christ. As camp songs blared from the car’s speakers, the girls sang each one at the top of their lungs. And when they reached the campground entrance, the excitement couldn’t be contained – they celebrated as if there were hundreds, waiting to cheer them on.

In our hearts we know there probably was an applauding crowd – one not seen by human eyes.