OFCThere is a giant among us. No, he’s not ten feet tall, and he probably can’t lift a house. Oh, sure, he’s muscle-bound and strong, but his true greatness lies in his dependence on God.

Counselor Marcus, an ER nurse by trade, is gifted by God to bring order to chaos. God has also blessed him with an ability to relate to kids. These unique attributes qualify Marcus to disciple young campers at Royal Family Kids Camp. Determined to show his small charges a better way to live, this spiritual leader prays on all occasions – from the moment the boys step off the bus, to the time when they sadly part.

Music is also an important facet of the little ones’ training. Christian songs keep Marcus strong through the week, and they guide the minds of the young boys in his care. At the end of the day, Marcus tells each of his campers how he loves and cares for them. Then he names something specific they did well. Lastly, but very importantly, he reminds them of who they are.

Marcus says he began to work at RFKC in 2002 because he heard about the free meals and free t-shirts. But we know better – he was called by God to be here.

OK, let’s admit it. There are many spiritual giants who work at RFKC but… how many of them can talk like Shrek?