OFC and The OlympicsThe time is near … the SUMMER OLYMPICS! The 2012 Royal Family Kid’s Camp (RFKC) theme for 2012 is the Olympics. So while you ready your thoughts and your DVR remote for the Summer Games from London, you can also pray for the 250 children attending the RFKC Games at summer camp in June and July.

Just like the games on television, new memories are being made at camp, memories that will last a lifetime. For some, it will be a week where they can be a child once again with little responsibilities for siblings. For some, it will be a chance to see their biological siblings. For some it will be their first ever summer over night camp, and for others a chance to feel loved and hear there is a wonderful God who knows their name, loves them dearly, and has a plan for their lives. It is such a privilege to see God’s mighty works being done through an army of loving volunteers and witness the change in the eyes and hearts of these children!

Our task at RFKC is the same as our task in life: To show others Who Jesus is and what He’s like….by our words, by our behavior, by our love. Harder for some of us than others. For Coach Steve it seems to come with ease. He is one of the most beloved characters here. One of those rare people who can insert himself into any activity and make it better. Always wearing a silly grin, he’s like a cool breeze on a very hot day.

I took the liberty of asking several campers what they liked best about Coach Steve. “He’s funny! Makeile giggled. “I liked the way he got knocked down and kept getting back up at the dunking booth,” another camper spoke up. Jocelyn added, “He helped me go down the slip-n-slide.” “Coach Steve likes everybody,” Spencer said admiringly. “I think he acts just like Jesus.” This statement from AJ. You’re right, AJ. He does act like Jesus.

Our woodworking activity center is a favorite among campers. Every year, even the volunteers look forward to seeing what this year’s project will be. This year it was a tool box with a removable drawer. One of the highlights for me is to watch the men with the boys at this center. They teach the boys all the basics of woodworking like how to hold a hammer, how to hit a nail, how to sand, etc. All things a little boy should be taught by a father figure.

This year, I walked up as an eight year old first time camper was completing his toolbox. They showed me his handiwork and then the counselor yelled out, “Can we build it?” and the little boy finished the saying with “Yes we can!” The boy told me very proudly, “I built this with my counselor. I can put anything in it I want.” The counselor was telling me how he couldn’t believe the boy had never done this before and the boy was smiling saying “No, no, I’ve never done this before”. As they walked away from the center, they were still chanting, “Can we build it, yes we can!”

As you think USA! USA!, think RFKC, RFKC! We need your prayers and some last minute gifts to make these camps (Games) be memorable to all attending.