Our Father’s Children started working directly with Royal Family Kids Camp in 1999 when it started it’s first camp that year.  Ten plus years later and countless children of abuse and neglect between the ages of 6-11 have attended Royal Family Kids Camp.

Royal Family Kids Camp offers a week-long camp filled with exciting activities and of course a safe environment for these children.  With RFKC, we implore a vital 2:1 camper-to-counselor ratio that provides the child with a distinctive camp experience. This 2:1 ratio provides a personal atmosphere that encourages two-way communication and trusting relationships with these children.

Each camp offers a “family” atmosphere with grandparents, aunts and uncles to help ensure the children have a great week!  The events the children participate in range from a fun slip-n-slip, outdoor games, crafts of all kinds and of course the popular daily swim.  In addition, the kids can participate in wood-working projects, tie-dye shirt-making and the popular “Imagination Station” where children can play dress up while pretending to be football players, superheros and princesses.

Each camp, the girls get invited to a tea party where they get to dress up and be treated like queens by some of our volunteers.  It’s an amazing, sweet and special time for not only the girls, but for everyone involved.  Even watching the boys and male counselors reactions as the girls parade through camp can one’s breath away.   The boys participate in an all-boy event where each boy is provided a compass to help them find their “true north”.  It’s another way of how we demonstrate to these young boys how much we love them and how God cares for them.

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