This time of year, we know big things do come in small packages. Maybe it’s a diamond engagement ring or that cute little puppy under the tree. In reality, big things come in all packages. At Our Father’s Children, this is reflected in the various sizes of donations throughout the year.

Did you know that at the end of last year, 40 percent of our December donations were under a thousand dollars and a large portion of those were two hundred or less. This year, we are expecting to double or even triple the number of those small but BIG gifts that make an BIG impact.

In 2015, OFC is going BIG to give hope to children of abuse and neglect right here in North Texas. Your gift of any size, large or small, will give hope to a kid at camp this summer, to a teen at one of our weekend retreats or to a young boy or girl in our mentoring program. When you give, you are doing BIG THINGS.

Go to and select the amount you want to give, big or small. Remember, big things come in ALL packages.