2015 was a memorable summer at RFKC. We’re breaking in a brand new campground – a dream in the making for several years at Camp Akiva.

Just a few of God’s blessings at this new site include state-of-the-art sound equipment, a huge chapel building with cushioned benches and a stage, and a pond that sports a trapeze, zip-line, blob, and rock-it float. Everywhere a person looks there’s something new and improved. It’s obvious much love went into the planning of this place. We’re reminded of God’s goodness – how this is His work from the very beginning. He not only generously furnishes new facilities for a week of fun, He changes lives and gives new hearts to many who come here. Into our campers He pours the new, unexplored territory of giving and receiving grace, the frontier of forgiveness, and the new land of responsibility. Counselors are modeling what it looks like to live in Jesus, and forging the way for their campers to do the same.

All of this makes one wonder, “How will He ever top this?” The message for any type of new beginning is clear. We’ve never traveled this way before. We trust God to be our leader and guide. Both at this wonderful up-to-date camp site, and as He creates new hearts in us. All praise and glory to the One who makes all things new.


Two counselors told their campers that if they were respectful to others, including their fellow campers, that they would do something special on the way back from taking nighttime meds. Each boy was told to bring their flashlights. As soon as they finished at the nurses’ station, it started pouring rain. The boys were upset and the counselors were very worried that they couldn’t keep their word. The men said they should pray and that if it was God’s will, then the rain would stop. Each boy prayed fervently in the prayer circle. The rain stopped within two minutes of the prayer. They then went frog hunting with their flashlights. One boy caught a huge bull frog. As the boy lifted up the bullfrog, the boys surrounded him, as thrilled about his find as he was. One counselor described it as a “Lord of the Flies” moment as the boys cheered in a circle. They went on hunting and even found a crayfish (“crawdad”). The boys wouldn’t touch that one but the counselor picked it up and let them check it out. All the boys found frogs as well but none as big as the bullfrog. As the activity ended and they let the frog loose, the boys talked about how fun it was and used phrases like “it was the best night of their life”. It was a moment that may stay with these boys the rest of their life.

They got to be boys in the woods and share an experience that only real men understand. They also got to see that real men pray, real men care about children, and real men know how to have fun without hurting others.