Are you a Superhero? Watching TV shows or the movies, you may have a picture of what a superhero is to be exact. Equipped with special powers. Able to leap tall buildings or fight of the bad guys with mighty force. Is that the type of hero you are thinking of? If so, let’s re-think that.

We would like to redefine a “Superhero” this way — “Ordinary people doing extraordinary service by providing hope to children of abuse and neglect in North Texas.” To us, that’s what a true superhero is. They may be a volunteer at one of our summer camps for kids ages 6-11. They may be a counselor at one of our weekend retreats for teens ages 12-15. Maybe they are a mentor to a young boy or girl with a history of going from foster home to foster home.

Or maybe it’s someone who donates to support these camps, retreats and mentoring programs through Our Father’s Children. That’s why we are so excited to announce that for the first time, Our Father’s Children will be participating in the North Texas Giving Day on Thursday, September 17, 2015.  North Texas Giving Day is an online giving event for people in North Texas to come together and raise as much money as possible for local nonprofits in the 16 county region around DFW. In just six years, North Texas Giving Day has pumped more than $86 million into the North Texas community. In 2014, more than 98,000 gifts totaling $26.3 million, benefited 1,580 nonprofits.


Over the next few weeks, we will promoting our “Hero of Hope” Campaign to introduce you to volunteers who have been a “hero” to these children of abuse and neglect and have provided them hope by loving on them, giving them a hug, playing a game with them, going to the movies or just by being a good listener.


We are encouraging you to SAVE THE DATE of September 17, 2015. On that day, we are asking for your financial support on North Texas Giving Day. Through our participation in #NTXGivingDay, we will eligible not only for additional bonus offerings but we have also obtained a matching gift sponsor so your donation on that day will go even farther to provide hope to these kids.

Stay tuned to our Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram accounts or sign up for our emails to be kept informed of all of the activities surrounding our participation in the 2015 North Texas Giving Day.

Will you be a Hero of Hope on September 17th?  Join us.

Darren Edwards,
Executive Director
(or Captain America!)