The SummitThe Summit Retreat in May was outstanding as we saw the mercy of God! No rain fell on Saturday when all of the outdoor activities were planned including swimming. Now that was a huge blessing! We had new teens and new volunteers that attended the retreat where the focus was on recognizing and understanding your personality, and how that can lend itself to hobbies and vocations. It also helps us understand how to get along with people who have a different personality from our own.

One of the new teens remarked on Saturday how he felt this was a fun camp and a lot different than what he expected. One of the new counselors had this to say, “As soon as we arrived to the camp we were paired with our campers, which gave us an opportunity to introduce ourselves and start a friendship from the beginning. The whole weekend was structured to keep all of us busy with enough room to build counselor-to-camper relationship. Not only did I enjoy the kids, I was able to build friendships with other counselors/mentors. Best of all, we all were able to experience chapel together, to build our understanding in God and to better understand ourselves as an individual.”


The first of June is a big transition for Our Father’s Children. We are shifting into summer camp mode and opening Camp Akiva, our very own camp facility to be used by us and many others. As we prepare for the training of volunteers and finalize details with the foster families, we are thankful for those volunteers and donors who make it all possible, and for the avenue of Royal Family Kid’s Camp to minister to these precious children. The two summer camps each will be attended by 120-130 children, ages 6-11 and 130-140 volunteers.

Our theme for camp this year is The Royal Court. That is such a great theme as many of these children are never thought of as royalty, but are thought of as outcasts and “problem” children. Through God’s eyes, we know better! These children are His children, simply in need of positive role models to show them a way to have hope for their futures.


As we finalize all camp preparations, please remember you can help us roll out the red carpet for these royal children by helping with some or all of the items listed on the image below (click to enlarge):