This month marks my 6 year anniversary with Our Father’s Children. In the month of May, each year, we’ve hosted our Summit retreat with high school teens & each year, I’ve driven the van containing the girls attending retreat.

pgrm_3Most times, conversation revolves around school, prom, graduation, music, and typical teenage girl talk but last night, for the first time, the conversation was different.

Now that I’ve been involved in our programs as long as I have, campers I saw at Royal Family Kids Camp have graduated through to Summit. These girls sang camp songs, talked about some of their favorite memories, reminisced about counselors and fun at Brookhaven, and one girl spoke out to say she didn’t know God before OFC & our programs. If anything ever resonated with me in all my years listening to teen girl chatter, this was it. And it. was. AWESOME.

For those who wonder if what we do – even if it’s only one week a year – makes a difference… I hope you now know that it absolutely does. Especially when you hear teenage girls singing the camp song & loving it. The Hills Church is prepping for ‪Renew‬ Weekend and every year at this time, I feel renewed after seeing these teens at Summit & preparing for RFKC – knowing where these little kids will prayerfully be in a few short years.

(This was a video captured last year at Royal Family Kids Camp)

Did I mention 4 of the teens this weekend interviewed to volunteer at RFKC this summer? Amazing!