Debron suffered from extreme separation anxiety.  Other children tried not to stare as he kicked, screamed, and fought to avoid boarding the bus for camp.  “This may be one who doesn’t make it this week,” several of us assumed.  B-mod helper Suzanne helped Debron adjust by allowing him to cling to her through the whole trip.

In God’s great wisdom this fearful child was paired with veteran Fred who has worked as a camp counselor for twelve years.  Debron’s frequent tantrums were documented on the “behavior card” Fred received before the week of camp – just a “heads-up” so there would be no surprises.

Amazingly, Fred reported that Debron had a great first day, participating in all events, even calling his new friend “Grandpa.”  When getting ready for bed, Fred asked, “Well, Debron, are you glad you came to camp?”  Debron didn’t hesitate.  “Yeh, I’m REALLY glad I came!”

Fred showed pictures of Debron enjoying the day’s activities.  He didn’t even look like the same child we saw that morning.  He changed from sulky, shy, and upset to beaming, confident, and happy.  One day, one caring adult, a friendly hug and one mighty God transformed this boy in an undeniable way.

We have many stories like this. From our weekend retreats to week-long camps for children of abuse and neglect, your donation to Our Father’s Children can give kids hope!

Darren Edwards
Executive Director