Lisa Moseley

Camp Akiva Hospitality

Lisa officially joined the staff of Our Father’s Children in September 2014. Previously, Lisa was a 7th grade math teacher at Rains ISD. For years, she juggled camp retreat responsibilities while teaching full time. Now she counts herself blessed to be working solely at Camp Akiva! Lisa and Wes have been living on the camp property since October 1998. In that time, she has fulfilled many job functions: cook, secretary, challenge course facilitator, first aid caregiver, janitor, ‘gopher’, construction wanna-be, and boisterous encourager! Her passion is for guests at Akiva to feel at home. She encourages you to find an excuse to jet away from the daily grind and sip a cup of coffee underneath the tall oaks blowing in the wind, God has a special way of ministering to your heart while you are at Camp Akiva!