These teens come to us from all different backgrounds and circumstances, yet with one thing in common; a yearning to have a place, to fit in, to belong. The SUMMIT retreat offers children of abuse, abandonment and neglect just that … a true sense of belonging.

As we were sitting with the teens Friday night, Mary shared that she had been adopted into a bad situation and was returned back to the foster care system. She didn’t want to participate in anything, but as long as Stephanie, her counselor, stayed with her she actually tried more than she thought she could do. During one of their talks, she asked Stephanie if she would ever adopt somebody like her? Stephanie stayed close by her side and hugged her more than usual wanting Mary to feel affection and camaraderie.


For at least one weekend, these teens know that they can count on their counselor to be a caring, reliable presence in their lives. These retreats lend hope to belonging to a group or a family that cares and will always be there for them.

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