HOPE T-shirtsAt Our Father’s Children, we talk most openly about providing HOPE to children of abuse and neglect. HOPE can be found in a variety of ways through the actions we take. HOPE can be found:

  • when a counselor gives a word of encouragement to a boy after passing the swim test at camp
  • when a grandma gives a girl a special “I love you” hug after signing a solo at the camp variety show
  • when a mentor spends time with a child during the week going for ice cream
  • when a counselor gathers friends to support a struggling teen at one of our weekend retreats
  • when a young child experiences and conquers the ropes course at Camp Akiva for the first time

HOPE.  Many of these children are in situations or have been put in a place they do not desire. An abusive home. Foster care while being separated from their siblings. The goal at Our Father’s Children is to provide HOPE to one child at a time.

We’ve made it possible for you to show your support of OFC and to promote HOPE.  If you give a $125 donation, you can receive a FREE Hope T-shirt. They are also available for sale for $20. There are 2 styles as well. One has the letters H-O-P-E in a “box format” and the other has HOPE simply spelled out. If you are interested in one of these shirts, complete the form below. And remember, your donation can provide HOPE!

** Quantities are VERY limited at this point. Orders will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. **

If you are ready to proceed with your gift, complete the form below to get started. You will then be directed to our online payment system where you will need to select your payment option. We appreciate your support of OFC. Your gift provides HOPE to children of abuse and neglect in North Texas. Thanks! - Darren Edwards, Executive Director

  • There are 2 styles of shirts to choose from. From the photo above, the one on the left is the letters H-O-P-E in a box. The one on the right is the word HOPE spelled out normally. Be sure you select the correct version below.
  • If you wish more than 5, please contact our office at 817.788.2360.
  • If you wish more than 5, please contact our office at 817.788.2360.