As we look back on this summer, we’re fortunate to reflect on many stories of hope, love, and compassion written between our volunteers and campers. The children we serve were given memories and pieces of their childhood they can carry with them forever. Of course, within this special story, memories are also given to the volunteers – counselors and staff alike – that impact their lives and give them hope for the mission they choose to take on each time they sign up.

When signing on as a volunteer, there are three value statements from Royal Family Kids Inc. that are taught during training: Treat People Royally, Keep Moving Forward, Make Moments Matter. Many stories stemmed from these experiences during camp this summer but below you’ll find some of our favorites:

Camper, at breakfast: “I want Cocoa Puffs, Lucky Charms, AND Cheerios!”
Counselor, striving to say YES as much as possible: “OK! Coming right up!” – returns to deliver a bowl containing a mixture of all three cereals.

Counselor, at evening Jungle Games: “I’m exhausted,” in quiet breath to her buddy counselor.
Camper, breathless, running up to her counselor and grabbing her by the hand: “Come on! Help us carry this bucket of water over there for the relay! Hurry — PLEASE!!”
Counselor, cheerfully: “OK! Here I come!” The bucket must weigh 30lbs.

Counselor, loitering with his young, wide-eyed campers outside the dining hall. They are hanging off him like the furry, stuffed monkeys being used as decoration in their rooms.
A staff volunteer walks by: “Well, good morning! What are you guys about to do?”
Camper, with big brown eyes, full of excitement: “WE’RE GOING ON A SAFARI TO FIND T-REX!!!!!!”
Counselor: “Come on, guys!! Here we go!!” Off they go, to find T-Rex.

Learn more how you can help in next year’s camp, by visiting our Volunteer page.

Darren Edwards
Executive Director