Prayer from a Camper

Please take a moment to read this prayer from the perspective of one of our campers this summer. This prayer is a great reminder of the things we should be praying over our campers all throughout the year: thanks for camp, reconnection with camp friends, times for worship, and the chance to be together at Camp Akiva with each other and with God.

“Dear God,

Hello, it’s me, Amber. I just want to give you a big hug and say thank you for bringing me back to camp this year. It’s even better, because I get to see all of my friends from last year, eat really good food (tacos) in the dining hall, and sing songs in chapel that we learned last year! I just felt super cool knowing the hand movements to the song “My God.” You are so nice to bring all of these people together to have fun and spend time with you. Thanks, again!

In Jesus’ name, Amen.”


Royal Family Kid’s Camps is an international non-profit organization that provides the foundation for creating week-long camps for campers age 6-11. To learn more about Royal Family Kids corporate, visit them online.

Onward & Upward is our weekend-long retreats for 13-15 year olds. The retreats use a curriculum focusing on character traits of godly men and women. We began this semi-annual program in 2004 with 39 teenagers and 46 volunteers.

SUMMIT is our weekend-long retreats for 16-18 year olds. The curriculum focuses on skills that will help them function better as adults. Examples include managing bank accounts, completing job applications, & mock interviews. We began this semi-annual program in 2007 with 12 teens and 16 volunteers.

RISE is a weekend-long retreat offered in April for teen boys and November for teen girls, ages 12-18. OFC will continue to use a 2:1 teen to counselor ratio at RISE, and the curriculum and activities are designed to help teens build self-esteem and navigate gender-specific issues.

Our Father's Children exists to provide HOPE to children of abuse and neglect in Texas, ages 6-18, in week-long camp settings and weekend retreats. We recruit volunteers from a variety of cities, churches and organizations who have a heart for offering these kids hope in Jesus Christ. Whether as a volunteer or donor (or both), we would love to have you join us in providing hope to these kids!


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