9 Things You Can Do To Leading Up To 9.19.19

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9 things you can do to help OFC leading up to 9.19.19!

1. Like us on Facebook

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4. Spread the message of hope with your friends and co-workers

5. Share your stories of hope on social media and tag our account in your post

6. Begin praying for how much you can donate on #NTxGivingDay

7. Encourage your other OFC friends (maybe your buddy counselor) to give!

8. Schedule your gift in advance starting on Sept 9th!

9. Give on 9.19.19 !!

Your gift will bless their hearts!

Give on North Texas Giving Day!


Many opportunities to serve!

Do you have a heart for kids? Do you like to laugh, play games, go swimming, fish on a lake, and just have fun? Do you like the idea of mentoring a young child, filling them with HOPE and the love of Jesus. Sound like you? Make your summer vacation count by taking a week off to provide HOPE to children of abuse and neglect. We need men and women to help serve as counselors to the kids at Royal Family Kids Camp. Or spend a weekend helping teens with a history of abuse or neglect by serving at our Onward & Upward and Summit Retreats. If you are interested, click here to volunteer!

Total cases of abuse in US

Confirmed cases of abuse in North Texas

Cases of sexual abuse in US

Cases of physical abuse in US



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Our Father's Children exists to provide HOPE to children of abuse and neglect in North Texas. We accomplish this mission through camps for young kids, retreats for middle school and high school students, and mentoring for teenagers. We recruit volunteers from a variety of cities, churches and organizations who have a heart for offering these kids hope in Jesus Christ. Whether as a volunteer or donor (or both), we would love to have you join us in providing hope to these kids!








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