blog_2014Wow! What an incredible year 2013 was for ministering to children from abuse and neglect.

Over 500 children were served with our camps, retreats, and mentoring club. We are excited about what God has in store for Our Father’s Children in 2014. We continue planning and praying for the completion of the building and renovation at Camp Akiva, our first retreat at the new facility, and for God to continue working in the lives of the children we are so honored to serve.

We are extremely grateful to our volunteers for the sacrifices and time they invested in these precious children. Our volunteers are changing hearts and creating a sense of hope for these children and their futures. We are eternally grateful to our donors who make it possible for us to provide the programs for the children and create the opportunities to change lives.

Finally and foremost, we are humbly thankful that God allowed our organization to be a part of this work, His work, with all the children we serve. We are committed to take steps of faith going forward, confident that God will bless our efforts in ways we hope and pray for but also in ways we cannot imagine. It is good when things happen and we cannot take credit for them. It leaves no doubt that God has a mighty hand in what has been accomplished. Praise God!


Join us in 2014, at a camp, at a retreat, at a fundraiser, or by being a donor and then pray that whatever you do, God will multiply it tenfold or more.

Darren Edwards
Executive Director