blog_Fall, usually a time to reflect on the year, or a time to rest before planning for the next year.

But at the Summit Retreat held at Camp Akiva a focus of caring for others, knowing how to set and respect boundaries, and understanding a hard work ethic was in full force.

Several of the teens came early to the dining hall and helped prepare breakfast each morning (work ethic). Others were establishing new friendships or catching up with existing friendships all the while accepting and respecting boundaries of people and our schedule. “Caring for others” was very evident when one of the more athletic teens was challenged in a game of basketball by one of the not so athletic teens. On a playground there perhaps would have been no mercy, but at the retreat mercy was extended and care was shown to keep the image and morale of both players at a high point.

Finally seeing the teens and volunteers interact with each other and work together on the R.O.P.E.S. course made this one memorable fall Summit retreat!

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