Planting Dreams

I want you to meet Linzy. Long dark hair flowing. Pink dress swirling. Dreams of her prom day and picking out a long sparkly princess dress. Fresh rosy lollypop smile.

I want you to meet Isabella. Blue dress blowing. Feather boa trailing. Dreams of a new dress, but not just any new dress. It should be a blue dress. Wide open won’t-you-please-join-me-in-my-dream? Smile.

I want you to meet Crislynn. She’s all about the yellow Cinderella dress. Dreams of being a princess with a golden crown. Big beaming brown eyes shouting, “I love this place!” Sunshine brilliant smile that radiates warmth all over.

I want you to meet Tyzayaih. Black curly hair with tendrils that touch the shoulders of her red apple dress. Golden Superwoman cape hangs down her back. Dreams of adventures and being a protagonist champion. Momentary and quick, confident smile that lets you glimpse her determination.

To Linzy: Yes, child. Keep dreaming of the beauty you will make in this world.
To Isabella: Yes, child. Keep dreaming of the positive relationships you will forge in this world.
To Crislynn: Yes, child. Keep dreaming of the sunny, hope-filled places that you will create in this world.
To Tyzayaih: Yes, child. Keep dreaming of the good that you will accomplish in this world.

Just keep dreaming.

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