When the world says, “Give up,” Hope whispers back, “Try it one more time.”

Nothing defines or describes our task better than the word HOPE. And when that word is sprinkled with verifiable love – BAM – there is a chain reaction of change.

Take a look at what some of the foster parents have to say about our Onward and Upward retreats:

“When these children come to me by way of CPS, they are withdrawn, depressed, etc. Now through this retreat, my patience, prayer and all of you, they are different people.”

“This is a retreat that ‘all’ my girls in my home look forward to. Even in months and days following, they all seem to be able to remember and implement tools and make applications of new things taught by their counselors. It is simply amazing!”


“She doesn’t seem so depressed and hopeless – she looks forward to coming to the next retreat. She now is participating in after school activities she never would have given a try in the past because of her lack of trust to feel safe.”

We thank God for the opportunity to live out the love of Jesus in front of the most deserving children on the face of the planet!

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