Can you remember the years when you were 16-18 years old? They were years of making many decisions about life things that would shape and determine your future.  For the teenagers who went on the SUMMIT Retreat in May, they got a glimpse of how certain decisions could shape their lives in the near term.

Kelly Cantrell, a counselor for Fort Worth Christian, put together a wonderful notebook with a road map for college preparation. Other materials outlined what needed to be done year by year in high school. This notebook generated a lot of discussion with Kelly and then even more with the counselors. We also talked about the importance of first impressions, particularly as they relate to job interviews, another item that shape our futures. A demonstration of a bad interview and a good interview were made and then the teenagers critiqued each interview with this question in mind – Who would you hire?

Our weekend included lots of fun activities as well. We took a hike, played sand volleyball and a lot of nine square, enjoyed an hour at the waterfront, and capped it all off with a campfire and s’mores. Yummy!

On Sunday we talked about how we all need to give God our best in everything, honoring Him with the talents He blessed each of us with. It was a great retreat!

If you are interested in volunteering at one of our Summit weekend retreats, click here.